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Qurbani for Tharparkar People

Care and Relief Foundation has been distributing Eid e Qurban meat to the people of Pakistan for years. At the Eid meat of Qurbani animals distributed in poor people which are not able to eat meat due to their limited resources.

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Eid Gifts Programme specifically designed
for these poor and needy children so that they too can have
a happy and blessed Eid. Muslim rejoices on this day.
No one should be celebrating it without gifts particularly children.

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The Care and Relief Foundation helps all in need, irrespective of their Faith or beliefs. The Foundation makes every effort to promote inter-faith harmony as prime objective. 

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On the occasion of the Eid Ul Adha which is celebrated to mark the completion of the annual Hajj Muslims around the world honor the tradition of the Prophet Ibrahim by sacrificing an animal and distributing the meat to those...
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Let’s Stop This hunger and fullfill their happiness

Primary aim of the Care and Relief Foundation is to enable those deprived of their basic rights of life.The Care and Relief Foundation believes firmly in helping those who cannot help themselves to be self sufficient to meet their basic needs.CRF is taking effective steps in Pakistan and abroad to provide food, clean water, medical facilities, solar power and equipment for people with disabilities for re habilitation and social inclusion.

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