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Food Project

food for all
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Food Project (Food for All), has been projected as an activity, with intentions of providing the poverty-stricken inhabitants of less developed areas and countryside regions, with necessary means, so as that, regional poverty can be revoked by strengthened individual economy, and by stabilizing the income generating abilities of individuals, families & communities.


State Description

People of desert district, Tharparkar of Sindh, has confronted the most severe drought situation, resulting in acute insufficiency of food materials, and shortages. Current reported estimations are declaring the count of death toll, at on its least, approximately over hundred ones – at most it has been counted above 200 ones – and unfortunately, these numbers are solely related to infants, and children, which are not alone, that are suffering the food starvation, and enduring the unbearable hunger. These are the eminent results of ill-nutrient life, and undernourished survival.

Though, the provincial government of Sindh, has publicly announced the declaration of about Tharparkar, as currently bearing drought and going through calamity concerned to juvenile deaths. Several agencies are frequently reporting the existence of inadequacy regarding the basic food and nutritional provisions, and further to addition in this misery of people of Tharparkar, there exists shocking deficiency of health treatments and necessary medicines – even for lower indexed diseases.



Care & Relief Foundation, working for a count of few years, at regions & localities where, necessitous people are inhabitants –as these serving deeds &activities of Care & Relief Foundation, started as project, are attributed with the name “Water Project” – encompasses that practices which are the encouraging, and helping for environmental and epochal adaptions and rehabilitating their prosperous survival by contributing them, wealth generating means, life’s basic needs and fundamental requirements, commercials resources such as micro-industrial machinery and house-hold machinery facilities, temporal medical camps, distribution of medicines &medicinal drugs, etc


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