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Mosque Construction

Mosque Construction
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Hadrat Abu Huraira (may Allah be pleased with him) said: The Prophet (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him) said, “Let anyone tell me; if a stream flows by the house of any person and he baths in it five times a day, whether any dirt will remain on his body.” The companions replied that no dirt would remain in such a case. He said, “So is the case with prescribed prayers. Allah forgives men’s sins (minor) on their account.” (Bukhari, Muslim).

Masjids play important role in community as they are not only places where people can pray five times a day and attend Friday congregation sermons but they also serve as places where Muslims can come together for Islamic education, meetings and determine the issues’ relevance to our community.

Since the creation of Pakistan, Tharparkar District, where according to official census, Muslims constitute 64.42% of the population, people are facing the lacking of basic facilities like drinkable water, nutrition filled food, Good health and education (Institutional and religious). The area is mostly deserted and consists of barren tract of the sand dunes covered with thorny bushes resulting in communities being deprived of   Majids. Despite the fact the area is dominated by Muslims yet they do not have Masjids, their children cannot recite Quran-e-Pak etc.

Care and Relief foundation has taken initiative to construct Masjids in the area of Tharparkar at requests of our donors, who sponsor or part-sponsor the entire cost. The Mosques are mainly built on the land where the previous one stood and will continue to be looked after by the communities they serve with the support of Care and Relief Foundation.

If you sponsor a Mosque in its entirety a framed photograph showing a confirmation plaque with your name, or that of a loved one will be sent to you together with location details and information from the grateful recipients.

Presently, each mosque is built to the following standards: A 1750 Square Feet covered area – comprising of:

  • 1 x main prayer room for males.
  • 1 x main prayer room for females.
  • 1 x toilet facilities
  • 1 x ablution place
  • 1 x veranda

Along with Masjid there will be one Well next to Majid to ensure continuous water supply for ablution and Two Solar Panels which will give free electricity to Masjid for 25 years. Solar Panels will be maintained by Care and Relief Foundation.

(Subject to change due to conditions on the ground & preferences by communities*)


You can donate £14000/- to sponsor complete Masjid and £100/- to sponsor one Prayer Rug.

Bilal Masjid (Goth Talib Chandio)

Care and Relief Foundations is building mosques in rural areas of Tharparkar Sindh Pakistan. Bilal Mosque is 2nd Mosque of CRF Mosque Projects. This mosque is situated in Goth Talib Chandio, U/C Panaro, Tharparkar, Sindh, Pakistan.

Bilal Masjid (Goth Talib Chandio)

Bilal Masjid (Goth Talib Chandio)

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