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On the occasion of the Eid Ul Adha which is celebrated to mark the completion of the annual Hajj Muslims around the world honor the tradition of the Prophet Ibrahim by sacrificing an animal and distributing the meat to those in need.

Qurbani Animals Rates

(Rates for Tharparkar)

Camel Cow Goat Sheep
 £ 1225  £ 630 £ 190 £ 150
1 Share =  £ 175 1 Share =  £ 90

(Rates for Punjab)

Camel Cow Goat Sheep
 £ 1225  £ 630 £ 190 £ 150
1 Share =  £ 175 1 Share =  £ 90

Care and Relief Foundation’s Qurbani Scheme allows donors to select those they would like to see benefit from the ritual sacrifice that they make on the occasion of Eid Ul Adha. We organised the distribution of fresh meat to vulnerable people afflicted by poverty or affected by natural or man made disasters. Each package of meat distributed provides a household with meat for one week.

Last year, our Qurbani Campaign benefited over 485,100 people in some of the world’s poorest regions. Reach out to them again this year!

Care and Relief Foundation’s Qurbani Animal

Care and Relief Foundation purchase qurbani animals every year for meat distribution to poor and needy people with help of honorable donors at the occasion Eid ul Azha.

There are so many unfortunate people who cannot purchase meat a single day throughout the year. For countless deprived people, the luxury of eating meat is only possible once a year. Your Qurban, strengthens our fight against malnutrition & hunger via our qurbani scheme. Recipient families receive a package containing enough meat to feed not one, but seven people.

CRF (Care and Relief Foundation) has its own animal form house for qurbani animals in Tharparkar. Where CRF form qurbani animals including goat, camel, sheep, lamb, cow and bull. All these animal slaughtered on Eid ul Azha and all meat is distributed to poor people who are not able to purchase animal for qurbani.


Mussarat Awan Qurbani Project

Mussarat Awan Qurbani Project; Care and Relief Foundation Pakistan Qurbani meat distribution project 2014


 CRF Qurbani Meat Distribution, Tharparkar

Care and Relief Foundation has been distributing Eid e Qurban meat to the people of Pakistan for years. CRF buy animals for Eid Qurbani every year and bread them for Qurban. At the Eid meat of these animals distributed in poor people which are not able to eat meat due to their limited resources.

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