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In course of working in Tharparkar for almost 2 years we realize that the number of young children being orphaned and living in poverty are increasing: families are torn apart through poverty, food shortage and disease. Victimization and ill treatment are common. We have witnessed hundreds of individuals who are denied a future with opportunities as many of the children in our care have never attended school.

Due to your generous donations we sponsor hundreds of orphans in Tharparkar, Pakistan. Donations cover their food, clothing, education (both Islamic and Scientific) and medical care. When we talk about education we mean the support which is necessary to get an education and gain qualifications or training. Donations help our children reach their full potential. We help finance orphans to attain vocational qualifications that offer opportunities.

Your support provides them a roof over their head, and food on their plates. It will enable them to go to schools with books and stationery, and provide healthcare, vaccinations and medicine when they get ill. Not only we take care of their physical well being – these children deserve to be safe and happy too. Your support enables us to distribute Eid presents among kids and allow them to attend summer camps, sports classes and fun day trips. Our Volunteers visit these children regularly to ensure that they are safe in their homes and performing well in their schools. Quite simply, we offer a lifeline.


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