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Water Project

Water for all
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The major, conspicuous project, designated with name of Water Project (Water for All), includes such sorts of welfare, and benefiting activities that can been recognized as the acts which should be developing the people to well social advancement, civilizing their life style, and flourishing their environment with the fundamental facilitation, so as, the inhabitants of these desolated and deprived rural localities be thankful of their lives.

Water related diseases

Sub-standard, and not-well-managed, the resources for water supply, sanitation and procedures of personal & communal hygiene, have effects, as direct as no other thing, has such influential impact on inhabitants, in the forms of outbreaks of infectious disease which goes in several cases, fatal and especially, among these most prominent is diarrhea.

Meanings about malnutrition

It concerns not enough the deficiency of food materials, but it’s defined with as well as too much food, the wrong types of food, and the bodily responses to a wide range of infectious causes, which consequently appears improper absorption of nutrients or the inability to use such things properly for sake of maintaining health, sustaining immunity. Clinically said, malnutrition is characterized by inadequate or excess intake of proteins, vitamins or minerals.
If an individual has not appropriate consumption of nutrients, because of unavailability of nutritional foods or most basic types of meal, it could be said that one has been suffering the state of being in malnutrition.

Nutritional status is compromised when a person are exposed to high risk levels of infections due to faulty, insufficient, sub-standard, or impure water supply, and inadequate sanitation. Person suffering from the disease of diarrhea, would not be able to be fully benefited of food, because of frequent stools prevent enough absorption of nutrients.


Water Project, has mainly to do with the communal establishments, constructions, resources buildings and town facilities. Care & Relief Foundation, has been working for few months in Tharparkar, under the attribution of Water Project. Care & Relief Foundation has achieved the completion of first initial stages of project, in selected several village regions with the constructions of dug wells, implantation of water purification units, installments of hand-pumps and water motors etc.

Programs under Water Project



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